About Us

The Zones Map Investment Opportunity Fund was born when two experienced investors put their heads together to address the recent opportunity provided by the US government. Together, the team brings four decades of combined real estate and finance experience to the table. They’re determined to provide a streamlined solution for investors all across the U.S. and are ready to help you in your latest venture.  

The Fund draws on values of integrity, trust, and transparency. We believe in relationships, not clients. Our main purpose is to help you manage your investment and to guide you through the complexities of government-mandated opportunities. If you’re looking for a hands-off solution on a years-long investment, you’ve come to the right place.

April Tade


April Tade, Managing Partner of Zones Map is one of the most aggressive and respected investors in the United States. She specializes in real estate investments and has achieved numerous successes for his clients. Focusing her investments exclusively on opportunity zones, she provides consultations in matters involving tax breaks for these investments and helps select the best options. Ms. Tade is a published author, speaker, and entrepreneur.