Securing Your Future: 5 Essential Benefits of Document Management Systems

Twenty-one percent of productivity loss at the workplace is due to document challenges.

When it comes to document management, it’s the little things that affect productivity. For instance, employees are spending a lot of time retrieving documents.

Paper-based processes have a huge impact on your budget. To streamline operations in your business, invest in document management systems. With a document management system, not only will you improve document accessibility. But you will get to save.


No more investing in file cabinets. Everything will be accessible at the touch of a button.

In this post, we highlight 5 essential benefits of document management systems.

1. Improves Productivity in the Workplace

A vast majority of employees complain of the painstaking process of retrieving documents. Others complain of how time-consuming it is when it comes to faxing.

With a DMS in place, employees don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for documents. Document management systems are incredible in organizing company information. With this in place, employees across the world can share and collaborate much easier.

2. Improved Document Security

Company documents contain lots of secrets.

For instance, you may find a document outlining a new business model or a yet to be patented idea. Such information in the hands of a competitor spells doom for the business.

With a DMS, you can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive company documents. If you integrate an e-sign process with your document management systems, you can save more than $20 per document.

3. Reduced Costs

In a paper-based workplace, the business has to buy paper, ink, filing cabinets, and others. To manage the mountain of documents, the company has to hire filing staff.

With a document management system, you will have to buy computers, servers and hire an IT support team. The good news is a vast majority of these are one-off purchases. By maintaining them, you extend their lifespan. As such, you get to save in the long run.

If you choose a cloud business document management provider, you get to save. How? You don’t have to buy servers or hire a dedicated team of IT experts.

4. Remote Access to Company Information

A majority of cloud-based document management providers offer mobile apps and web portal. What this means is that businesses can access company documents while on the go. They can also collaborate and track documents securely.

Not only that. Businesses will have the ability to share large sets of files via their smartphones. This improves productivity and assures you of the safety of your documents.

5. Peace of Mind

In the first half of 2018, there were 945 data breaches. This led to a compromise of 4.5 billion data records worldwide.

Most data breaches are as a result of poor internal information management. Another reason is the lack of a secure electronic document repository.

Document management systems offer 24-hour backup and advanced encryption standard for data. This offers peace of mind to business owners around the world. If you add the role-based user permissions feature, it eliminates internal data breaches.

Top-Notch Document Management Systems for Your Business

Investing in document management systems keeps your documents organized.

It also lets you control document access and allows for automatic record management. A DMS also allows for remote access to documents while on the go and improves document security.

In search of the best document control system? We can help.