CRM Consulting For Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship has been booming in recent years. For a very long time, the primary focus of companies has been profit, increase in revenues, and growth in stock prices. A new generation of entrepreneurs is now announcing their arrival. The Bold, young, and brave generation is not afraid to challenge the status quo. They tend to look at the business with a different approach – eyes of compassion and social responsibility.

Social entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that is growing day by day. People are becoming more and more conscious that earning a profit without giving something back to the community is simply unacceptable. It is not progressive, and it is not the way maintainable businesses should operate. The world has been like this for ages due to one reason or the other. However, now is when the generation of young and audacious entrepreneurs is making an essential step in the right direction.

It is when people start to look more within themselves because searching for faults out there is not working anymore. It is something that one can observe in everyday life – whatever you do will return to you – in the short term and in the long run. Together with being fed up with the dark status quo of unrelenting corporations, this realization is leading young entrepreneurs towards being more considerate to their environment, culture, and society in general.  

Intention Is Key

Social entrepreneurs focus on a bold vision and thoughtful organization. They understand that the vital aspect of offering a product or a service to a client is the vendor’s integrity.

If an intention of a businessman is solely profit, they will not care about side effects that product or service may bring because the focus is on making a profit. On the other hand, if the intention is to be socially responsible, or in other words, if the plan is wanting the best for others as you wish for yourself, it means giving your mind, heart, and soul into the final product or service.  

The Future Is Renewable Energy

We focus on the green energy sector – companies that are working with renewable energy. In 2015, the worldwide investment in renewable technologies was more than $286 billion US dollars. Countries like the USA and China are heavily investing in renewable energies – energies naturally replenished on a human timescale.  

There are almost 8 million jobs associated with the renewable energy sector. We choose to focus on an industry that is growing by the day and is the epitome of being socially responsible.  

A Potential For Growth

Being socially responsible means being conscious of the environment. From 2004, renewable energies grew from 10 to 60 percent globally per annum. Global investment in renewables rose by 5 percent to $285,9 billion in 2015. We understand this dynamic market and are among those who believe that solar and wind energies are critical to a sustainable future. There are even predictions, such as one by the International Energy Agency from 2011, that within 50 years, most of the world’s electricity may be produced by solar power. With this comes tremendous responsibility, and companies need to understand their role. They need to optimize their systems and practices. That’s where we come into play.  

Salesforce Consulting

We utilize the CRM Salesforce. Salesforce offers everything you may expect from CRM. It can integrate with different tools such as or Tout. As we have seen, the renewable energy sector evolves and scales rapidly. Thus, new instruments and applications can be added to the existing workflow.

Salesforce helps you to keep track of a vast number of accounts. It makes it possible to keep a detailed record of each account and offers many out-of-the-box solutions. Within the system, everything works out without going through the process of a setup too much. Companies can also add as much customization as they consider necessary. They can create different profiles and page layouts. Salesforce, among other things, can be used as a database for leads and accounts. Once a company comes with various products and services, it can store its data and access them with API.

Salesforce allows managers to move through their sales team. It enables them to determine the current outlook of opportunities. Once tasks have been completed, outcomes can be viewed. Overall, Salesforce is helping companies be more efficient, and these are just a few reasons we develop custom Salesforce CRM for their clients.

Bespoke CRM Solutions

Through the custom-built CRM, we address the needs of their renewable energy partners. Nothing less, nothing more. Pre-built CRM is packed with features that a business may not need. Why should a company pay for something they do not require? Also, pre-built CRM solutions are usually complex. They have to be configured correctly, and features necessary for a particular company are only a part of a system. With pre-built CRM solutions, it takes more time for people to learn the way the system works. What’s worse, distractions of a complex system can reduce the productivity of the team. With custom CRM an organization is getting just what it needs. There is also an option to automate many different areas of one’s business. When the system is combined across multiple departments, a firm can run more efficiently.

Throughout the organization, a custom-built CRM usually finds its place at the core of numerous procedures. With Salesforce, a company can create applications based on the same database. It is also possible to create customized applications. We work with a team of professionals who can quickly set up CRM based on specific requirements. Optimized CRM gives customers the feeling that they are valued and appreciated. And, as someone wise once said, it is easier to sell to old customers than to look for new ones.